Quranic Inspiration 287

Quranic Inspiration 287

And they have taken (for worship) aliha (gods) besides Allah, that they might give them honour, power and glory (and also protect them from Allah’s Punishment etc.).


Nay, but they (the so-called gods) will deny their worship of them, and become opponents to them (on the Day of Resurrection).

Chapter 19 Maryam : Verses 81-82

Explanatory Notes:

The Idols of the Polytheists will deny Their Worship

Allah, the Exalted, informs about the disbelievers who associate partners with their Lord, that they have taken gods besides Allah, so that these gods may be a source of honor and might for them. They think that these gods give them power and make them victorious. Then, Allah mentions that the matter is not as they claim, and it will not be as they hope. He says,

(Nay, but they will deny their worship of them,) on the Day of Judgement.

(and will become their adversaries.) This means that they will be foes in a state other than what they think about these gods. This is similar to Allah’s statement,

(And who is more astray than one who calls upon, besides Allah, such as will not answer him till the Day of Resurrection, and who are (even) unaware of their calls to them And when mankind are gathered, they will become their enemies and will deny their worshipping.) (46:5-6) As-Suddi said,

(Nay, but they will deny their worship of them,) “This means their worshipping of the idols. ” Allah said,

(and will become their adversaries) contrary to what they hoped for from these gods. As-Suddi said,

(and will become their adversaries.) “They will be in severe opposition and argument.” Ad-Dahhak said,

(and will become their adversaries.) “This means enemies.”

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